Members From TOC Austin Host Parade To Celebrate Tesla Giga Texas

by Eva Fox July 26, 2020

Members From TOC Austin Host Parade To Celebrate Tesla Giga Texas

Featured image: @AustinTeslaClub / Twitter

During the Q2 2020 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced that the company's new Gigafactory will be located in Austin, Texas. This is great news for Texans. The Tesla Owners Club (TOC) in Austin decided to celebrate the company's newly planned factory in their city in a special way, arranging a meetup.
"Hey Elon, up here in Austin, we are so darn stoked. Getting together to meet, to celebrate this momentous decision."

On July 25th, about 75 Austin Tesla owners came together to celebrate. The group met on East Riverside Drive and held a caravan to the new site off State Highway 130 and Harold Green Road.

Source: @AustinTeslaClub / Twitter


During the Q2 2020 Earnings Call, Musk shared some details about the new factory.

"We're also very excited to announce that we're going to be building our next Gigafactory in Texas. It's going to be right near Austin ... The location is five minutes from Austin International Airport and 15 minutes from Downtown Austin, and it's about 2,000 acres, and we're going to make it a factory that is going to be stunning. It's right on the Colorado River. So we're actually going to have a boardwalk where there'll a hiking and biking trail. It's going to basically be an ecological paradise. Birds in the trees, butterfly, fish in the stream, and they will be open to the public as well. So not closed and only Tesla."

The company is expected to create 5,000 new jobs, but this number could be even higher. The factory is supposed to attract thousands of new non-Tesla jobs due to secondary effects.




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