Hundreds of Tesla Model 3s Just Arrived in Hong Kong, Over 1K With The Coming Shipment

by Eva Fox July 26, 2020

Hundreds of Tesla Model 3s Just Arrived in Hong Kong, Over 1K With The Coming Shipment

Tesla continues to ramp up production and delivery. Glovis has just delivered hundreds of Tesla Model 3s to the port of Hong Kong.

Interest in the Tesla brand continues to grow in several countries in Southeast Asia. iPrice--an aggregator e-commerce platform--noted that Tesla was the top-searched car brand in two countries, namely Singapore and Hong Kong. Both countries have been steadily transitioning to green energy vehicles and have already proposed a phase-out date for ICE cars.

In Hong Kong, the government has already introduced incentives to encourage transition from ICE cars to all-electric vehicles. Hong Kong is offering first registration tax (FRT) concessions up to HK $97,500. Residents can get additional FRT concessions worth up to HK $250,000 if they agree to “scrap and de-register an eligible old private car,” stated the Environmental Protection Department of Hong Kong. This policy is already in effect.


Tesla electric cars have always been popular in Hong Kong, but due to their high prices, they were not available to many people. However, this year Tesla brought some good news for Hong Kong buyers. Prices for new Tesla Model S, Model X, and Model 3 vehicles have been cut. As a result, demand for the Model 3 continues to grow. Hundreds of Tesla Model 3s just arrived in Hong Kong.

The photos from our good friend Joe shows that there are about 500 Model 3s in the dock. The Hong Kong owners will soon receive their long-awaited vehicles. With the next shipment about to arrive Hong Kong, it brings total of over 1K units.

Hong Kong has a population of about 7.5 million, so the arrival of such a large number of Model 3s is indicative of very high demand. The first month of each quarter for Tesla has traditionally had lower rates compared to the following, but it seems that this trend has begun to change.

Tesla began Q3 2020 with active production and delivery. In Q2, the company's US plant was suspended for 6 weeks due to COVID-19. Nevertheless, Tesla achieved high production and delivery rates. This shows that the company is already making significant strides to operate on a whole new level.

At the moment, demand is not a problem for Tesla, so all efforts are now aimed at increasing production indicators.

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