Tesla Autopilot Avoids Major Accident in Taiwan, Likely Unavoidable by Human Driver

Eva Fox by Eva Fox November 29, 2020

Tesla Autopilot Avoids Major Accident in Taiwan, Likely Unavoidable by Human Driver

Every driver knows that dangerous situations periodically occur on the road, which can lead to serious crashes. In a stressful situation, a human-pilot experiences great emotional pressure, which can occludes the driver's ability to conduct a clear-minded assessment of what is happening. Cars are a dangerous form of transport, so Tesla strives to make its products the safest by developing and implementing Active safety features and Autopilot. The company's Autopilot has proven many times that it saves lives.

In the footage, we see that a Tesla driver was driving on a highway in Taiwan with Autopilot activated. Suddenly, from the right lane, a car pulled out at high speed and began to aggressively drive into the lane of the Tesla. At that moment, traffic on the road was quite busy, and it seemed that an accident could not be avoided. Nonetheless, Autopilot responded perfectly, dodging collision, and slowed the car down smoothly.

Unfortunately, such situations on the roads sometimes happen, and if the Tesla were under the control of a person, then, most likely, a collision could not have been avoided. The fact is, most likely, the car that created a dangerous situation would simply remain unnoticed by the person until the very last moment, at which point the emotions the Tesla driver would instantly feel would likely prevent him/her from reacting sufficiently.

Tesla's Autopilot operates according to a specific algorithm. It makes decisions based on calculations, so it is much safer than a human driver. People are not perfect, they sometimes act unpredictably and imprudently, putting their own and other people's lives and health at risk. A human pilot is also imperfect, so sometimes he/she is simply not able to avoid some accidents. But a human has already done everything possible to be the best driver, while Autopilot, in contrast, becomes more reliable over time. That’s why Tesla’s cars continue to become safer, yet Autopilot is already saving lives right now, and has been for some time.

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