Tesla Owners in Germany Are More Likely to Recommend Buying a Tesla than Any Other Product, Study Finds

by Eva Fox November 29, 2020

Tesla Owners in Germany Are More Likely to Recommend Buying a Tesla than Any Other Product, Study Finds

Tesla is actively developing in all markets, but Germany is one of those markets where the company has been developing at a particularly fast pace lately. The construction of a factory in the country, as well as the constant successes of Tesla, increasingly attracted the Germans to the company. According to the study, 61% of German Tesla owners would actively recommend the brand, even in situations where they are not asked about it.

The German company Puls Marktforschung conducted market research in Germany. In the study, it was determined which brands have the most "active recommenders" among its customers. Active recommenders are people who actively recommend brands on their own initiative with a high degree of “no reservations."

Puls collected 110,077 reviews on 178 brands in 14 industries from 3,255 representatively selected people in Germany, reported Teslamag. The study found that California-based electric vehicle brand Tesla is well above average, with a leading 61% of active recommenders. It should be emphasized that the study was conducted for brands in various fields, not just in automotive.

Source: Puls Marktforschung GmbH

“It is clear that Tesla provides its customers with particularly clear and lasting reasons to recommend this brand to others,” commented Puls Managing Director Dr. Konrad Weßner.

Getting active recommendations allows a company to save time, effort, and money at on of the most costly steps: attracting new clients. In fact, all automakers spend millions, if not billions, of dollars on advertising. Of course, these costs are included in the car price. Tesla, on the other hand, seeks to minimize the cost of its cars for buyers, so the company deliberately does not spend millions of dollars on this.

That being said, it should be noted that the company's cars have become so popular that they simply do not need advertising. The best advertising for Tesla comes from satisfied customers. When they talk about their driving experiences, most people at least want to test-drive a high-performance electric vehicle from the most popular and growing company in the world. Many people want one--or multiple--of their own.

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