Tesla Posts 2020 Fall Internships For Autopilot Team, Energy Department, & More


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Tesla posted quite a few internship positions on its official website for Fall 2020, looking for individuals willing to work with Autopilot, the company's energy products, and more. After surviving the Model 3's "production hell" and thriving from its efforts, Tesla seems poised to enter the next phase of its growth. 

Tesla's Fall 2020 internships seemed to place particular focus on positions in the Autopilot, manufacturing, software development, and energy teams, among others. Most of the positions are based in California in Hawthorne, Palo Alto, or Fremont. A few positions are for Nevada. Some of the positions are listed below. 


Deep Learning Research Engineer/Scientist

Design Verification Internship

Thermal Electronic systems


Quality Engineering Internship

Project Management Internship

Packaging Engineering

Engineering Internship

Automation Controls Engineering 

Software Development

Apps ENG - IT Operations Internship

QA Engineering Internship

Mobile Engineering 

Integration Engineering

Infotainment UI Engineering

Fullstack Engineering 

Energy Optimization

Embedded Systems Engineering


Energy Engineering - Projects Mobile Charger Internships

Energy Operations - Project Management

Energy Operations - Customer Experience Automation Analyst

Energy Engineering - Design Internship

Energy Engineering - Projects Cellular Solutions

Before global lockdowns took place, Tesla began ramping Model Y production in the Fremont factory and started deliveries ahead of schedule in March. Now that the Fremont factory can resume production, the Model Y ramp will likely continue. Meanwhile, Giga Shanghai--which was briefly delayed because of the virus outbreak--has started delivering the MIC Model 3 Long Range ahead of schedule. 

At this point, Tesla may actually be a few months--or at least a few weeks--ahead of schedule with its overall plans, and it might be time to bring in some new blood to reach its current goals and its upcoming projects. Tesla's Model Y ramp will probably progress smoothly in all its Gigafactories, including Giga Shanghai and Giga Berlin, because the SUV crossover is so similar to the Model 3. Tesla may have already worked out all the kinks in the Model Y's production line during the Model 3's production hell. It will need hard-working engineers to pull off the Model Y ramp. 

Tesla might already be focused on the production of the Cybertruck and Semi as well. Meanwhile, Tesla Energy has stepped up its game since the Model 3 ramp and will probably fight to maintain its momentum. So interns invited to work with Tesla for Fall 2020 could be delving into the secrets of the Cybertruck, Semi, and the next iteration of Solar Roof or Tesla's battery storage systems, depending on the length of their internships. 

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