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Tesla Autopilot To Get Speed Limit Recognition & Roundabout Support Worldwide


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Tesla Autopilot could be releasing a speed limit recognition feature worldwide soon. Roundabout support and 3D rendered signs could also be released in Tesla's next OTA software update. 

Resident Tesla hacker @greentheonly found evidence that Tesla Autopilot could receive speed limit recognition, 3D rendered signs, and roundabout support in the next OTA software update. He confirmed that speed limit recognition meant Tesla Autopilot could recognize the signs with speed limits written on it. Autopilot's capability to read speed limit signs could be the reason why the update will roll out worldwide in the next update instead of region-by-region like some of its other features. 

According to Tesla's resident hacker, the new features could come in update 2020.24. TeslaFi reveals that the Autpiolot versions rolling out right now are 2020.20.12 and 2020.20.13. 

Since the beginning of 2020, Autopilot updates--both big and small--have been released, including traffic light, stop sign, and crosswalk recognition. Even Full Self-Dring (FSD) received an update recently with traffic light and stop sign control (Beta).   

With all the new updates, Tesla may be close to a feature-complete FSD. During the Q4 2019 Earnings Call, Elon Musk forecasted that the feature-complete version of its Full Self-Driving suite could roll out later this year. 

"Well, I mean, to be precise, I said I was hoping it would be feature-complete with both FSD by the end of last year. We got pretty close. It's looking like we might be feature-complete in a few months. 

"The feature-complete just means like it has some chance of going from your home to work let's say with no interventions. So, that's -- it doesn't mean the features are working well, but it means it has above zero chance. So I think that's looking like maybe it's going to be couple of months from now," Musk said.

Even with the upcoming speed limit recognition and the imminent release of feature-complete FSD, Tesla still has a ways to go before reaching Level 5 autonomy. @greentheonly said in his post about Autopilot's speed recognition feature that Tesla still had a long way to go before reaching Level 4 autonomy. 

However, the recent progress of the AI Autopilot team this year alone shows that Tesla may have reached its stride with its FSD development. ABI Research's 2018 study forecasted that Level 5 autonomy could be available by 2025. Tesla could be the first to reach that goal. 

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