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Tesla Model 3 Receives 1st Place Recommendation From China's 2019 Auto Health Index

by Claribelle Deveza December 21, 2019


The Tesla Model 3 recently won first place in China's vehicle Auto Health Index for 2019. The all-electric sedan went up against nine other vehicles, including ICE cars and other EVs, and was able to get a near-perfect score on the evaluation. 

The China Automobile Health Index Management Center posted its results for the 2019 Automobile Health Index on its official website and Weibo account. Tesla's imported long-range AWD Model 3 topped the rankings with a near-perfect score in two categories of the index. 

According to the organization's Weibo post, ten cars were evaluated in the China Automobile Health Index this year. Four of the vehicles were from independent brands, five of them were from joint venture brands, and only one was imported—the Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor AWD. Eight out of ten of the vehicles inspected were run by fossil fuels, leaving two all-electric cars. 


Credit: China Automobile Health Index Management Center

For the test, China's Automobile Health Index observed two categories, namely the VOC & VOI and EMR scores of each car. The Model 3 topped the ranks with a score of 92.5 for VOC & VOI and 99.19 for EMR. Tesla's pure-electric sedan also received a 5-star rating for both categories. 

According to the researchers that conducted the evaluations, electric vehicles usually emit lower electromagnetic radiation (EMR) levels than gasoline-powered cars. EVs apparently have to follow strict national compulsory and corporate standards, unlike petrol vehicles states the Weibo article.  

The Tesla Model 3 certainly displayed these characteristics. Evaluators for the awards noted that the vehicle's 15-inch display emitted very little radiation. The amount of harmful substances used in the vehicle's interior is also so low that evaluators could not even give the Model 3 a "removal rate" score. Overall, the Model 3 received the highest score among the vehicles evaluated this year. 

The Tesla Model 3's rankings in China's Auto Health Index stands as the latest accolade for the electric car maker's most disruptive and most affordable vehicle to date. These rankings, if any, have the potential to give a boost to the Made-in-China Model 3's sales, which are expected to begin soon. Local customers, after all, would likely embrace a vehicle that they know is safe and is being produced by a tried and tested EV company. 

Featured Image Credit: China Automobile Health Center/Weibo

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