Tesla Batteries Lasted Over 200,000 Miles On Average In 2019--It Can Only Improve From Here


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Elon Musk summarized some of the vital information in Tesla's 2019 Impact Report, including the fact that TSLA batteries in the Model S and Model X are lasting much longer than 200,000 miles or ~320,000 kilometers. In comparison, the average ICE vehicles tend to last up to 200,000 miles, based on general consensus.

Elon Musk shared a chart from Tesla's 2019 Impact Report to support his statement. According to the report, "Tesla's battery packs are designed to outlast the car." TSLA estimated that vehicles scrapped after approximately 200,000 miles (~320,000km) of usage in the United States and about 130,000 miles (~209,000km) in Europe. 

Based on its most recent data from 2018, the Environmental Protection Agency assumed that a typical ICE vehicle runs 15,000 miles per year. And the Department of Transportation reported that the average age of ICE vehicles is more than 11 years, while Tesla estimated the average lifespan of a fossil fuel car was 17 years. Clean Energy crunched the numbers and assumed that the average gasoline passenger vehicle emits about 404 grams of CO2, which equates to 4.6 metric tons per year every 11,500 miles it has been driven.

In comparison, Teslas produce significantly less CO2 and leave a smaller carbon footprint. Like most electric vehicles, Teslas' "emissions" come from the TSLA Gigafactories and the electricity used to power them. Even with those factors in mind, however, Tesla's vehicles still have fewer emissions. After all, Tesla has worked hard to create a sustainable ecosystem that can support the production and power-consumption of its cars--i.e., solar panels and energy storage systems.

In the report, Tesla forecasted that its vehicle emissions would dramatically reduce once the million-mile battery is released. The company predicted that its million-mile battery could be utilized over five times more than the average vehicle in the U.S. and eight times more than an average car in Europe. 

Tesla's 2019 Impact Report also stated: "As a portion of the carbon footprint is emitted during the production phase of each vehicle, utilization of such vehicle over 1,000,000 miles dramatically reduces the lifetime carbon footprint per each mile traveled." Tesla also mentioned that battery recycling could decrease emissions even further.

Tesla is expected to unveil its million-mile battery during Battery Day. So far, the long-awaited event has been postponed at least twice because of the ongoing pandemic. TSLA investors, fans, and enthusiasts are (im)patiently wait for Tesla Battery Day.

2019 Tesla Impact Report by Claire Dev on Scribd

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