Tesla Launches its Energy Plan in Victoria, Australia as Part of Virtual Power Plant Expansion

Tesla Launches its Energy Plan in Victoria, Australia as Part of Virtual Power Plant Expansion

Tesla's mission is to accelerate the world's transition to sustainable energy, and the Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is an essential tool for this. The company aims to create the world's largest distributed battery system and avoid dependence on the least efficient fossil fuel-based power plants. Tesla has now begun offering an Energy Plan in Victoria, Australia as part of an expansion of its VPP.

On September 21, Josef Tadich, Senior Manager Engineering at Tesla, shared the good news on his LinkedIn. He announced that Tesla has launched the Energy Plan in Victoria, Australia. VPP's expansion from South Australia to Victoria opened the door for Powerwall customers to participate in the wholesale energy and frequency control markets. This provides cheaper retail rates and supports the grid when households need it most. Tadich wrote that with this, Tesla is increasing the penetration of renewable energy sources further from the 60 percent milestone that the company reached here on September 20.

"Excited to launch the Tesla Energy Plan into my home state of Victoria today. The expansion of our Virtual Power Plant (VPP) from South Australia to Victoria allows customers with a Powerwall to participate in wholesale energy and frequency control markets, providing cheaper retail rates and supporting the power system when it's needed most.

This is how we increase renewables penetration further from the 60% milestone we hit yesterday here in the NEM, and accelerate the transition: through the integration of renewables and storage at transmission level; and the coordination of residential PV, battery storage, and EV charging as active Distributed Energy Resources (DER)."

Australia's Largest VPP was built specifically for Powerwall owners. It consists of conventional homes that support the grid with clean renewable energy, powered by solar panels and energy storage systems—Powerwall. Tesla's technology optimizes the use of Powerwall based on a household's energy needs, market conditions, and anticipated power system events to ensure that it benefits the household in the first place and also supports the community. WFP members receive competitively low energy rates and monthly Grid Support Credits.

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