Tesla Solar Roof Now Powers the Buffalo Heritage Carousel in NY

by Eva Fox September 21, 2021

Tesla Solar Roof Now Powers the Buffalo Heritage Carousel in NY

Photo: Nancy J. Parisi/Visit Buffalo Niagara

Tesla Solar Roof is a very interesting and extremely important product. By installing it, customers not only get a beautiful and unique roof covering, but their homes can also convert the energy of the sun into electricity. Tesla recently installed a Solar Roof on the Buffalo Heritage Carousel and is now powering it.

In 2020, Tesla agreed to donate a Solar Roof to power the Buffalo Heritage Carousel in New York. This rare historic carousel was produced in 1924 and restored by artisans in 2020. The textured black tile that now covers its roof was produced at Tesla's South Buffalo plant. Although the company did not specify the cost of the donation, Corky Burger, Buffalo Heritage Carousel's capital campaign director, said estimates received before Tesla stepped forward came in at around $150,000. Thanks to Solar Roof, the carousel is powered by the sun.

"I'm so glad people will get to see the fruits of their taxpayer investments—a beautiful carousel powered by a solar roof made three miles down the road," said Assemblyman Sean Ryan, who helped jump start the carousel project by providing $600,000 in state funds toward the restoration and had urged Tesla to get involved with the carousel, according to Buffalo News.

The new attraction opened on Memorial Day weekend 2021, and now pleases and entertains people. Tesla Solar Roof keeps the impressive carousel running smoothly and in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner. Tesla shared a video of the Buffalo Heritage Carousel, with its stunning rooftop.

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