Tesla Begins Construction on 1st Supercharger (V3) in Israel in Tel Aviv, More Stations to Come in Q2

Tesla Begins Construction on 1st Supercharger (V3) in Israel in Tel Aviv, More Stations to Come in Q2

Tesla's Superchargers arrive in Israel as the first vehicles have already been delivered to the port. To provide Tesla owners with the best possible car ownership experience, the company began construction on its first Supercharger station in Tel Aviv.

Construction of the country's first Supercharger stalls in Tel Aviv was planned for Q1 2021 and the company is on track, as construction has already begun. It is located at Derech Menachem Begin 132, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Azrieli Mall. The new charging station features eight stalls of V3 Superchargers.

It seems that the installation process is progressing very quickly, as all stalls are already in place, and seem to just be waiting to be put into operation. In just five days, Tesla was able to install a charging station that will become an important link between manufacturer and owners.

The photo was taken on March 1, by israelevclub/Instagram.

The photo was taken on March 6, by israelevclub/Instagram.

Tesla intends to build four Supercharger stations in Israel in 2021, the company announced by publishing a list of their locations. According to the plan, the first charging station is to be built in Tel Aviv. Another charging station in Haifa will also be completed by the end of March.

Tesla is also expanding its Israeli charging infrastructure to the south. The charging stations in the Red Sea resort town of Eilat and in Be'er Sheva will be completed in Q2 2021. The company also stressed that additional Supercharger stations may be built in the future.

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