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by Claribelle Deveza October 29, 2019

Tesla’s Bioweapon Defense Mode is proving its worth amid California’s ongoing wildfire disaster. Elon Musk’s air-cleaning feature for the Model S and Model X may have become an invaluable resource in times of natural disasters like the CA fires.

Tesla owner-enthusiasts Sofiaan and Shelly Fraval were grateful for Bioweapon Defense Mode after they received a Health Advisory notice via text about the air quality in their area. According to the notice, the air quality in their area had ranged from Moderate to Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups because of smoke coming from the wildfires in SLO County, California.

The Fravals thanked Elon and Tesla for Bioweapon Defense Mode and its hospital-grade HEPA filter. Mrs. Fraval labeled it a lifesaver, especially for their young son. Other parents know that her words shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Smoke from wildfires, like the one currently spreading in California, is a great risk to children, the elderly, and the people with heart and lung diseases, stated the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. According to the CDC, most children’s airways aren’t fully developed at such a young age, and they breathe in more air than adults.


The federal agency advised people to keep indoor air clean if they must stay indoors by running the air conditioner. It reminds people to close the fresh-air intake component closed to prevent smoke from getting inside and make sure the filter is always clean.

During a natural disaster, people need all the resources they can get, and having a car like the Model S and Model X could be invaluable. The fact that Tesla took the time to add such a feature—not found in any other vehicle—reveals part of the company’s principles.

Background Thoughts

As a parent of a child who has asthma and who lives in a place where natural disasters happen often, I would be grateful for a car like a Tesla. I also happen to be a millennial, and as such, I look for tech that is useful in multiple ways. If a car can save my son’s life and get me from point A to B, why wouldn’t I like it?

I sympathize with people living through the current bout of California fires. I hope for your safety and the safety of the firefighters on the scene.


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