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Tesla Brings V3 Supercharging Station to China Highway Service Zone

Tesla Brings V3 Supercharging Station to China Highway Service Zone

Tesla continues to expand its Supercharger Network in China. This time, the company received the unique right to build its Superchargers on the highway service zone.

Tesla became the first private company in China to receive this permission. All the chargers that have been found in similar places so far belonged exclusively to the Chinese government.

The new Tesla V3 Supercharger is located in Sichuan Chengdu. The construction of the charging point at this location reflects the excellent work of Tesla China's team, who are committed to doing their utmost to improve the vehicle ownership experience.

This is a big step for Tesla China. The company confidently entered the Chinese market and won over consumers by offering the highest quality cars at the most affordable price. To support growth in the Chinese market, Tesla has announced plans to install 4,000 Superchargers this year alone, which is a major acceleration in China's Supercharger deployment.

Tesla is installing its Superchargers in busy urban areas in China where residents and visitors can easily charge their vehicles. The stations are being built in nearby grocery stores, downtown districts, and shopping centers. In addition, Tesla is building charging stations along highways in mainland China.


Giga Shanghai continues to ramp up production, which means that the Chinese market's demand for more charging stations also continues to grow.

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