Tesla Q3 2020 Achieves 43% YoY Exponential Growth, While Legacy Auto Sunk at a Rate of 5-32%

Tesla Q3 2020 Achieves 43% YoY Exponential Growth, While Legacy Auto Sunk at a Rate of 5-32%
The automotive industry has been hit hard by the influence of COVID-19. Nevertheless, all manufacturers found themselves on equal footing. The fact that Tesla achieved positive sales growth, despite everything, is truly remarkable.

Most automakers saw sales decline in Q3 2020. Meanwhile, Tesla reported deliveries of 139,300 vehicles in the third quarter. This amount reflects a new record which, once again, surpassed analysts' conservative estimates of 137,000 and represented robust 43% YoY growth.
Ford Motor's sales fell 4.9% in Q3 to 551,976 vehicles. Truck sales rose 0.6% to 311.751, while SUV sales dipped 0.7% to 191.803 and passenger car sales dived 37.5% to 48.424.

General Motors' sales dropped 9.9% to 665,192 vehicles. Every brand saw declines, led by an 18% drop for Cadillac. Year to date, sales are down 17.4%.

Q3 sales of Fiat Chrysler fell 10% to 507.351. Except Chrysler, every brand posted declines. Jeep SUV sales fell 9% and Ram pickups fell 2%. Year to date, sales are down 20%.

Toyota reported an 11% drop in Q3 U.S. auto sales, Honda saw a 9.5% decline, and Nissan suffered a 32% dive amid an ongoing restructuring.

Tesla, meanwhile, is showing stable sales growth of 43% YoY and 35% compared to Q2 2020.

Tesla's example perfectly demonstrates how a company's approach and purpose influence the way its products are perceived by consumers. Everything from production to the sales model show how many countless mistakes all carmakers except Tesla make.


Tesla has proven that creating a great product that aims to achieve a positive goal and the desire to make it as affordable as possible is the key to success. Tesla has become a reflection of freedom of choice in favor of oneself and the health of our planet. So long as other automakers continue to choose the easy path of making underwhelming gasoline-powered cars, they will continue to fail consumers and further contribute the climate problem. And Tesla's advantage will only continue to grow.

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