Tesla Vehicles Can Detect Tire Wear & Tread Depth in New Advanced Safety Feature

Tesla Vehicles Can Detect Tire Wear & Tread Depth in New Advanced Safety Feature

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Admittedly, Tesla cars are computers on wheels, so adding interesting and unique features to them has long ceased to amaze their owners. With a new software update, the manufacturer has added an extremely important function, and now the vehicles themselves can detect tire wear and tread depth so that owners can replace them in time.

Tires are a guarantee that the car will drive confidently on the road and will not create accidents. At any time of the year, and especially during winter in cold regions, the tread depth of a tire directly affects how the car will drive, its grip and braking ability. Traditionally, drivers decide on their own when they need to change tires, which in itself carries a certain risk. As in any other matter, the human factor always creates some difficulties, because a person can forget, not pay attention or make the wrong conclusion, which ultimately can lead to a mistake.

It is another matter when the car itself is responsible for the issue of tire safety. Vehicle systems are more reliable as they measure tire wear based on well-defined indicators. This, in turn, excludes the possibility of making an incorrect or belated decision to replace an important part of the car. With safety in mind, Tesla has developed and launched a new feature in its vehicles.

Tesla owners, who have 2021.44.5 software installed, said their cars can now detect tire wear and tread depth in order to warn the owner in time about the need to replace them. Several Tesla owners have confirmed the feature in their vehicles via Drive Tesla Canada. Another one, @greg_doge, shared this information on Twitter.

As you can see from the photo, if a discrepancy is found, the car will display a message indicating the problem and on which tire it was found. In addition, the system advises that the owner make an appointment with a service center to inspect and replace the tire.

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