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Tesla Launches Giga Texas Belt Buckle 'Don't Mess With Tesla' Sales

Tesla Launches Giga Texas Belt Buckle 'Don't Mess With Tesla' Sales

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Tesla launched the Belt Buckle 'Don't Mess With Tesla,' which was inspired by Giga Texas. A stylish accessory that complements the look is available in the Tesla shop for $150.

Tesla began its expansion in the United States with the construction of a new factory, which became a new symbol of strength and continued growth for the company. In parallel with the construction, the manufacturer, who suffered from unfair treatment in California during the COVID-19 lockdown in 2020 and obscene language from a California politician towards its CEO, decided to move its headquarters to Texas. The move, which is very beneficial to Tesla and some of its employees from a financial point of view, caused significant damage to the California economy, which previously received billions of dollars in tax revenues from the company's operations. Thus, the state learned a valuable lesson: don't mess with Tesla.

In early November, Tesla manufactured 1,500 Giga Texas Belt Buckles featuring a star bearing the Tesla symbol and the 'Don't Mess With Tesla' lettering, all of which were handed over to company employees. Now, much to the delight of the company's fans, the manufacturer has added the stunning accessory to their store.

The Giga Texas Belt Buckle, which fits up to a 2" belt strap, is available for $150 and has intricate technology of manufacturing. Tesla describes:

"Celebrate our newest gigafactory with Giga Texas Belt Buckle. With an intricate and detailed design, the buckle includes a prominent T logo atop the Texas Lone Star. Every Giga Texas Belt Buckle is manufactured from die cast zinc, engraved and then brushed with an antique silver finish."

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