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by Eva Fox November 11, 2019

When Tesla unveiled the Model S in 2012, the company captured the worlds attention. But the question always remained, how will Teslas all-electric cars be able to travel cross-country? Unlike a gasoline vehicle, Tesla cars need a particular charging station to refill the battery of the car.

Elon Musk, envisions a country with as abundant a network of Tesla charging stations as currently exist with gas stations. And the Tesla Supercharger network is making it a reality.

The Tesla Supercharger Network is a cross-country collection of Tesla charging stations. Unlike an overnight charging station, Supercharger stations take around an hour and twenty minutes to fully charge your Tesla. And if you have a need to charge at another charging station, then. Tesla offers adapter cables so that you can charge your Tesla.

On November 19, 2018, Elon Musk announced the supercharger network .
And, this expansion means that you can drive from one end of the country to the other using nothing but clean electric power. Teslas expansion ushers in the Supercharger V3, which offers drivers a much faster charge time than version 2.

The biggest obstacle with all-electric vehicles is ensuring that it has enough range per charge. Tesla is solving this issue by building a vast network of charging stations.

Currently, Tesla owns 1,636 Supercharger Stations with 14,497 Superchargers. Tesla is thorough in building enough stations to enable on-the-road charging.

Tesla already has an extensive network of global destination charging locations. These charging stations are located at hotels, restaurants, and shopping centres. They do not charge as fast as Tesla Supercharger stations, but they are great if you’re staying overnight somewhere.

Destination Charging stations act just like a home charger does. They offer the convenience of a charging station when you are away from home, but they are not as convenient as supercharging. This year Tesla unveiled its all-new Supercharger v3 to the public. The new chargers can provide a maximum charging rate of 250 kilowatts, enabling the Tesla Model 3 to receive 75 miles of range in just 5 minutes.

Supercharger stations are open all the time–24 hours a day, seven days a week. Unlike regular gas stations, Tesla Supercharger stations don’t require an attendant to provide your car with service.

All you have to do is tell your Tesla Trip Planner where you are going, and it will guide you through the Tesla Supercharger network.

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