Tesla China 2020 Core Strategy: 180+ Stores in 50+ Cities with Superchargers Covering 250+ Cities & More

Tesla China 2020 Core Strategy: 180+ Stores in 50+ Cities with Superchargers Covering 250+ Cities & More

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Tesla's popularity in China is growing as Giga Shanghai continues to rapidly ramp up production. As demand grows, Tesla China is expanding its presence by opening new integrated Experience Centers, Service Centers, and Supercharger stations.

Tesla China today announced that by the end of 2020, the company will open over 180 Experience Centers and Service Centers in mainland China, spanning over 50 cities across the country. Tesla China announced in the summer of 2020 that it plans to open more multipurpose sales centers in 45 cities across the country, but given the strong growth in demand, it looks like the company has decided to expand its presence even more.

In addition to stores, in order to provide customers with a more convenient after-sales service, Tesla China announced that it intends to authorize a total of more than 100 third-party paint shops in over 60 cities by the end of 2020.

With the growing number of Teslas on China's roads, there will be even greater need for charging stations. As such, it was announced that Tesla will proceed with the construction of almost 650 new Supercharging stations. Tesla China estimates that more than 7,000 stalls will be installed by the end of 2020, covering major cities and intercity roads across the country. Of these, about 5,000 will be DC charging stations and an additional 2,000 are slated as AC charging stations, covering more than 250 cities.

Since entering the Chinese market at the end of 2013, Tesla has offered quality products and services to Chinese consumers. The development of a new regional market is exactly how Tesla continues to fulfill the needs and demands of this critical region.

Today, China has become Tesla's largest market outside of North America and has broad development prospects. A 100% clean future is still far away, but we are increasingly convinced that Tesla will ultimately be successful in its mission “to accelerate the transition of the world to sustainable energy.”

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