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Tesla China Releases Holiday Greeting, Teases Upcoming MIC Model 3 Deliveries


Tesla China teased imminent MIC Model 3 deliveries in its holiday greeting to the EV community. Car carriers filled with Tesla’s locally-made all-electric sedan have been leaving Gigafactory 3’s lot since the factory received its sales and distribution license. People have been waiting for the actual handovers to occur, but nothing has happened…yet.

Tesla China posted a greeting to the community right on Christmas Eve. The holiday message seemed to contain a little teaser about MIC Model 3 deliveries, which has kept the Tesla community on their toes. These sentiments have been present since the first car carrier truck filled with the locally-made electric sedan was seen leaving Gigafactory 3—courtesy of Tesla owner-enthusiast @JayinShanghai.

Tesla China’s greeting reads: “China made Model 3 will be delivered to customers soon, stay tuned.”

Under the holiday message was a picture of a MIC Model 3 interior with Romance Mode switched on. Outside, there is a decorated Christmas tree with snow on it.  

The delivery carriers mentioned earlier were transporting locally-produced Model 3 units to delivery centers all over China. Many have found it difficult to believe whether Gigafactory 3 really did obtain its sales and distribution license because no Model 3 handovers have occurred as of this writing.

This latest Tesla China greeting, however, suggests that GF3 may have just been waiting for the right time to start Model 3 deliveries. At this rate, reservation holders in China may be in for quite the holiday surprise.

The Chinese government has granted EV incentives for the MIC Model 3, allowing the American electric car maker to play in the same field as some of the country’s premier EV-makers. The incentive could also give a boost to Tesla’s sales of the midsize electric sedan in the country, as would-be EV buyers may find the MIC Model 3 more compelling.

Tesla China is yet to announce the official start of MIC Model 3 deliveries, and the company has been quite conservative in stating that handovers will begin before the Chinese New Year in Q1 2020. Considering these recent teasers, however, there may be a pretty good chance that the initial batch of Model 3 deliveries may happen sooner rather than later.

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