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Tesla officially launched 300 Superchargers in mainland China

Tesla officially launched 300 Superchargers in mainland China

China is the largest electric car market in the world. In 2018, China accounted for nearly 1.1 million EV sales, and with 2.3 million units, it owned almost half of the world's EV stock, according to the International Energy Agency.

At the end of 2018, Tesla accounted for 500 thousand vehicles. But we all know that the year 2019 has been overwhelming for Tesla in China. Tesla built and commissioned the Shanghai Gigafactory, and also made a record number of deliveries, mainly thanks to Model 3. That is why it is very important for Tesla to develop its network of chargers in China.

A few days ago, in the official Tesla WeChat public account, it was reported that as of December 19, 2019, Tesla had completed the construction of 300 Superchargers in mainland China.

Tesla's 300th supercharging station in mainland China has been lit at the Luohong Photography Museum in Shunyi, Beijing, Chengdu Jianfa Luzhou Li, Shenzhen Sunshine Science and Technology Center, Shanghai Bailian Jiading Shopping Center and Guangzhou Libai Center, marking the arrival of more than 300 Tesla supercharging stations in mainland China.

As of now, Tesla’s Supercharger network has covered more than 140 cities across China, and more than 2,200 Supercharger stalls have been put into operation, with more than 2,100 destination charging poles, forming a dense charging network that spans east to west and runs north to south.


Unlike other brands of electric vehicles on the market, the Tesla charging experience is also excellent. Currently used is the Tesla V2 Supercharger. The maximum charging power of the Tesla models can reach 145 kW, and the charging is very efficient.

But even more surprising is that Tesla has released Supercharger V3. As Tesla’s latest charging solution, the V3 Supercharger has significantly improved charging efficiency, reduced charging time by 50% and uses a new liquid-cooled cable that supports charging up to 250 kW.

The first V3 Supercharger in China will be located in Shanghai Jinqiao Tesla, which will be upgraded and will open next year.

Source: h5.china

In the future, Tesla will continue to expand its charging network, accelerating the opening speed to provide car owners with better and more convenient charging services.

Featured image: Tesla China

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