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Tesla China Delivery Centers In Full Throttle Amid Surge In MIC Model 3 Demand


Tesla China's delivery centers are moving in full throttle as MIC Model 3 demand continues to increase. Giga Shanghai resumed operations earlier this month, following an extended holiday break due to COVID-19. Recent pictures of Tesla China's delivery centers reveal that activities may have already returned to normalcy. 


Credit: Tesmanian


Credit: Tesmanian

Tesla China has been using the company's official app for home delivery service of the MIC Model 3 made in Giga Shanghai. The decision to push home vehicle deliveries seemed to be partly motivated by a need to protect Tesla's customers from the COVID-19. Prior to Giga Shanghai resuming operations, VP Grace Tao announced that Tesla China would postpone MIC Model 3 deliveries until the COVID-19 outbreak was properly addressed. 

By February 10, Giga Shanghai was operational again and Tesla stores reopened their doors by February 17. Tesla China began home delivery services for the MIC Model 3 first, then reopened delivery centers. Now, delivery centers are filled with fully finished Model 3 Standard Range Plus vehicles made in Giga Shanghai. 


Credit: Tesmanian 

Tesla China Delivery Centers In Full Throttle Amid Increased MIC Model 3 Demand 2

Credit: Tesmanian 

Tesla China Delivery Centers In Full Throttle Amid Increased MIC Model 3 Demand 3

Credit: Tesmanian

As pictured in a recent Tesmanian indicate, new MIC Model 3 owners are picking up their Tesla vehicles from the delivery centers and leaving happy. Tesla's delivery centers will be busy for quite some time, as indicated by the strong demand for the locally-made Model 3. 

The official website for the EV automaker,, has been quite active since the MIC Model 3's formal delivery event last month—where Elon Musk regaled Giga Shanghai workers with his smooth celebratory dance moves. The traffic for Tesla's Chinese website increased by 100.5% from 980,000 visits in December 2019 to 1,950,000 visits in January 2020 alone. 




Credit: Tesmanian

The rising activity on reveals how much interest there is in the domestically-produced Model 3 in the Chinese market and may hint at the increasing demand for Tesla's most affordable sedan in the country. Indeed, Giga Shanghai and Tesla China have their hands full with MIC Model 3 production, the continued construction of Gigafactory 3, the MIC Model 3 Long Range coming soon, and later, the MIC Model Y. 

Then there is also COVID-19, which hasn't been wholly eradicated yet. Tesla China is going above and beyond to keep its customers safe from the virus. It has even taken to cleaning Tesla Superchargers in China to prevent the spread of COVID-19, at least among its customers.

Featured Image Credit: Tesmanian

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