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Tesla Model Y Police Vehicle Considered By Fremont PD


The Tesla Model Y is being considered by the Fremont Police Department as its next SUV police vehicle. Fremont PD already has a Model S in its arsenal and seems pleased with it—enough to consider getting another Tesla car.

Teslas have become quite the vehicle of choice for some police departments. Recently, Tesla Owners Silicon Valley posted a picture of a Model S police vehicle pulling someone over in Indianapolis on Twitter. The tweet led someone to ask if there were any Tesla police vehicles in Silicon Valley, to which some answered that Fremont did.

The Fremont Police Department was quick to respond once it was tagged in the post. According to the Fremont PD Twitter account, the department’s Model S police vehicle patrols the city almost every day, and seems to be in good shape, too—based on that was picture shared.

“We are really pleased with the vehicle’s performance and are discussing one of the SUV models to try next! We’re currently waiting for the @Tesla #ModelY so we can evaluate it before making a final decision,” answered the Fremont PD after being asked how the Model S cruiser was working out and whether or not the department was thinking of getting more Teslas.

Based on Fremont PD’s answers, the department was looking at multiple SUV models, which may include Tesla’s Model X. However, it seems that the Model Y has intrigued the Fremont PD enough to make them wait for the release of Tesla’s affordable SUV.

As discussed in a previous Tesmanian article, Tesla’s vehicles are perfect police vehicles. The EV automaker’s cars are filled with features that policemen need daily. The potential software capabilities Teslas have make them even more suited for police use.

Tesla’s vehicles have started gaining the attention of not just police departments, but military personnel as well. Just recently, Tesla won the big for the Taiwan military’s electric car fleet. Right now, the Tesla Model 3 seems to be the vehicle of choice for authorities like the Fremont Police Department, but the Model Y and most especially the Cybertruck may be of some interest to people in this sector as well.  

Featured Image Credit: @FremontPD/Twitter and Tesla

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