Tesla Model 3 In ‘Game Of Peace’ Will Drive Extraordinary Growth For The EV Automaker In China

by Ma. Claribelle Deveza July 20, 2020


Featured Image Credit: Tesla China

Giga Shanghai’s Model 3 will be included in Tencent’s online multiplayer battle royale game. The addition of Tesla’s MIC Model 3 in "Game of Peace" could lead to extraordinary growth for the EV automaker in China. 

The Model 3’s inclusion in "Game of Peace"—or “Peacekeeper Elite,” which is Tencent’s official English name for the game—may have cemented the future of Tesla in the Chinese market. "Game of Peace" has over 400 million users in China and counting.

During China’s Spring Festival earlier this year, local media reported that the game’s users increased up to 27 million daily. Around that time, the game developers had launched a new Maserati skin for users to try.

Local data revealed that the Maserati skin in "Game of Peace" contributed to its exponential increase of users during the Spring Festival earlier this year. The majority of players were excited to own a Maserati in the game and take it out for a test drive.

The vast scope of "Game of Peace" could mean extraordinary growth for Tesla China’s Model 3 now that it has been included in the game. With more than 400 million users, "Game of Peace" would introduce or at least expose about 1/3 of China’s population to Tesla and its affordable all-electric Model 3 sedan. As @xiang_aw pointed out on Twitter, the game's 400 million users exceed the entire population of the United States.


Credit: Tesla China

Real-life cars that are featured in games usually imprint on players and can stay with them until adulthood. There are lots of people in the world who have bought the vehicles they drove from popular games like "Grand Theft Auto," "Need for Speed," or "Asphalt" in real life.

Now, Tesla China’s Model 3 is one of those vehicles. And compared to the other high-priced cars featured in games, the Model 3 is relatively affordable. Plus, it is probably more impressive in real life than it is in a game because of all the functions Teslas usually offer that aren’t available in other vehicles. For instance, features and functions like Smart Summon, Track Mode, and Autopilot are probably better in-person than through a game.


Credit: Tesla China

The Tesla Model 3’s inclusion in "Peacekeeper Elite" definitely earns it some cool points among gamers and car lovers. And as a car in the game, the MIC Model 3 shows players that Tesla’s all-electric vehicles can play with old legends like the Maserati.

Note: Game of Peace, otherwise known as Peacekeeper Elite, is an adapted version of "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)." It was adapted and published by Tencent for China. Tencent signed a partnership deal with Bluehole Studio for exclusive distribution rights to PUBG in China. 

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