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Tesla China Revs Up For Stellar Q3 Delivery Results As Giga Shanghai Ramps Construction On Model Y Production Plant


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Tesla China seems to be revving up for stellar Q3 delivery results, based on footage of a delivery center in Shenzhen. Giga Shanghai's construction team isn't slowing down either. Progress on the Model Y plant has moved along further, based on a clip of heavy equipment being loaded and brought into the facility.

Recently, @ray4tesla shared a brief 14-second video on a delivery center in Shenzhen China. The Shenzhen Tesla delivery center was filled to the brim with vehicles. The video show rows and rows of Model 3 cars--most of which were probably made in Giga Shanghai. Some were being loaded onto car carriers for delivery and others were parked in the sidelines, waiting to be delivered.

The video hints that Q3 started off strong for Tesla China and it could end the quarter with stellar results. Sources close to the matter previously told Tesmanian that Giga Shanghai ramped production, exceeding 4,000 vehicles per week. The video from Shenzhen may be proof of the claim. 

Currently, Giga Shanghai only produces the MIC Model 3 SR+ and MIC Model 3 Long Range RWD for the Chinese auto market. Tesla China applied to produce the Model 3 Performance and Long Range AWD with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) in June. Tesla China's application could be approved before the end of Q3.

Giga Shanghai's application to produce the Long Range RWD was approved within a month after submission which helped Tesla China beat its schedule for release. Deliveries for the MIC Model 3 LR RWD started at least a week or two early.

Giga Shanghai hasn't just ramped production, though. Construction on the MIC Model Y facility seems to be wrapping up. Drone-operator Wuwa Vision recently posted a clip of heavy machinery being loaded and brought into the Phase II building. 

The machinery was covered and could not be identified from the video. Tesla China ordered equipment for Giga Shanghai's Model Y plant earlier this month from Miracle Automation. Tesla may have also ordered the OL 6100 CS Giga press from IDRA Group for Giga Shanghai's Model Y factory

According to Tesla China's Global VP, Grace Tao, Giga Shanghai may start producing the MIC Model Y in Q1 2021. It seems that her estimation was correct, given that the workers are already installing equipment for MIC Model Y production. Giga Shanghai could start pre-production on the locally-made Model Y by the end of Q3 or mid-Q4 in time to start production ramp in Q1. 

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