Tesla Officially Releases Made-in-China Model 3 in Showrooms Across the Country


The Tesla Model 3 has officially hit showrooms across China. Its arrival signals that deliveries will be made soon, and Tesla China is ready to hit the ground running by Q1 next year.

According to @JayinShanghai, Made-in-China Model 3 was released in all showrooms across the nation. Taikoo Hui—Tesla’s flagship store in the country—received a lot of attention today, presumably due to the MIC Model 3 in its showroom. Pictures of the event reveal that there is a growing interest in Tesla’s midsize sedan in China, with numerous people surrounding the showroom MIC Model 3.

Gigafactory 3’s mass production license was officially recognized by the Chinese government recently based on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China’s website. A news outlet in the country, the Global Times, discovered that the Shanghai factory plans to produce 2,900 units a week to start.


Shortly after the all-electric automaker received its mass production license, Model 3 reservation holders in China were told to get ready for their deliveries. News of a possible Q1 delivery date had been teased by one of Tesla China’s first promos in October. Still, many were skeptical of it because GF3 had not received the proper certifications yet. However, it is becoming more and more likely with each passing day.

Just recently, a possible late January delivery date was mentioned by Tesla Inc., according to a previous Tesmanian report. A Tesla representative told Bloomberg, “We are making an effort to gradually deliver before the Spring Festival to let our customers drive our China-built Model 3 sedans back home for the holidays.”

It must be noted, however, that Tesla has not officially announced an exact delivery date for the Made-in-China Model 3. However, Tesla China is already preparing some fun events for Model 3 owners after they receive their deliveries. The all-electric automaker's Shanghai branch has set up a driving school for local Model 3 owners. Those who join the event will learn to turn their daily drivers into weapons on the racetrack. 

Featured Image Credit: Jay in Shanghai/Twitter

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