Tesla Cybertruck Details Unsurprisinlgy Unimpresses Unsupportive TSLA Skeptics


Elon Musk’s Tesla Cybertruck remained unimpressive to unsupportive skeptics, who were critical about Tesla’s pickup truck even before it was unveiled. Unsurprisingly, the skeptics did not change their minds about the CYBRTRK and the impact it could make for Tesla in America's pickup truck market.

Before the Cybertruck Unveiling [19:20 PST~30 mins before official unveiling]

Little is known about Elon Musk’s CYBRTRK. Tesla’s CEO has kept everything under wraps for the last seven years since he announced his intentions at creating Tesla's own pickup truck. Musk has done an excellent job of keeping everyone in the dark and even stoked some of the rumors going around about the Cybertruck’s design and capabilities.

Some analysts have already predicted a bleak future for Tesla’s pickup truck. TSLA skeptics on Wall Street have already voiced their concerns about the Cybertruck. CNBC’s Fast Money panel enumerated the majority of analysts' concerns about Elon Musk’s futuristic CYBRTRK. It must be noted that CNBC was voicing the opinions and thoughts of analysts who are skeptical of Tesla’s pickup truck and the company in general.

Analysts don’t seem to know what to make of Tesla’s Cybertruck, partly because they have no idea how its made and how it will be produced in the future. A member of CNBC's Fast Money panel pointed out that the parts that go into Tesla’s pickup truck are unknown. Besides its parts, Tesla hasn’t said anything about where the Cybertruck will be manufactured or how many units it will produce either. As such, many analysts wonder if the all-electric automaker will produce enough volume of its Cybertruck to make a difference.

Another member of CNBC's panel noted the CYBRTRK unveiling event would not be a catalyst for TSLA stock. One emphasized the importance of Tesla doing 360K to 400K of deliveries this year and being profitable in the next quarter. He called the Cybertruck event a “sideshow,” and claimed Musk quoted a price tag of US$45K per unit, which he said was unlikely given the Model 3 couldn’t be made for US$35 grand.

The numbers the panel member above mentioned were a little off, and his facts were a bit skewed. Musk placed a price point of US$49K for the Cybertruck to start, and Tesla is selling the off-menu, Standard Range Model 3 for US$35K. Given that the panel member's correlation--or lack thereof--between the Cybertruck and TSLA shares depended on those numbers, one can assume his predictions would change. The inverse of his predictions based on the actual number would be that the Cybetruck sold for at least US$49K could be profitable for Tesla, if made and sold at the right volume.


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After the Cybertruck Unveiling

Elon Musk's Cybertruck unveiling could have gone better, but the pickup truck itself delivered. During a live demonstration of the CYBRTRK's Armor Glass window, a solid steel ball was thrown at it. The window unexpectedly cracked--though not all the way through into the cabin.

Some have taken the fractured window demonstration and the truck's design as a strike against Tesla. Overall, the skeptics remain skeptical, as shown by Credit Suisse analyst Dan Levy's reaction. The skeptics share Levy's opinion of the Cybertruck. However, the Cybertruck's features and specs far outweigh a cracked window and a bold, polarizing, angular design. 

As expected, many media outlets have chosen to focus on a window that couldn't be fully broken by a solid metal ball and the unfamiliar design of the Cybertruck instead of the vehicle's actual merits. Luckily, just as many outlets have focused on the specs and price of Tesla's pickup truck. Starting at US$39,990, the Cybertruck's price is well below expectations. It's a price tag that could convince those on the fence about Tesla's pickup to give it a try.

Tesla's new vehicle will come standard with basic Autopilot and Full Self-Driving capabilities if the owners wish to purchase it. Musk also delivered on some of the promises he's teased throughout the years. The truck is as nimble as a Porsche thanks to its Adaptive Air Suspension. CYBRTRK can go 0-60 in 2.9s and finish a quarter-mile in 10.8s. It is also more powerful than a Ford F-150. The Cybertruck can carry payloads from 3500lbs and tow 7,500lbs to 14,000lbs as well.

According to Loup Ventures, Tesla's Cybertruck might have missed the main pickup market but could attract new customers."The product is a striking departure from the company’s design language and will likely appeal to a small segment of truck buyers along with a small segment of SUV buyers. Over the next few years, traditional pickup-buying contractors may resist Cybertruck’s design," wrote Gene Munster of Loup Ventures. 

For the most part, Munster is right. Tesla's vehicles have always drawn customers who can look beyond the now, and the Cybertruck seems to be the same. 

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