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Tesla China Pushes Hard For Q2 Delivery, Flooding Beijing DMV Also Delivery Centers In Different Cities

Tesla China Pushes Hard For Q2 Delivery, Flooding Beijing DMV Also Delivery Centers In Different Cities

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Tesla continues to increase deliveries around the world because in two days the 2Q ends. China can again make a significant contribution to the results of the quarter of the California automaker. 

In parallel with the Tesla Factory in the USA, which has already recovered after a month of inactivity, Giga Shanghai is also ramping up its production and delivery of vehicles to its customers. Video from the drones shows that in the parking lot near the Chinese factory, there are practically no cars, which indicates that all produced Model 3s are sent to delivery centers throughout the country.

Photos from Tesla enthusiasts show that the delivery centers in various Chinese cities are filled with vehicles, which will soon be picked up by their owners. In the photo from the Shenzhen delivery center, posted by @ray4tesla / Twitter, we can see dozens of cars waiting for their owners.

Source: @ray4tesla / Twitter

In May, due to the holidays, in less than 4 working weeks, Giga Shanghai produced 11,501 Model 3s. It can be assumed that in June about 15,000 vehicles will be produced. Now the factory's production capacity is about 3,600 Model 3 per week, but given the constant progress, this figure may be higher.

At the moment, it is known that in April Tesla delivered 3,645 Model 3s, in May 11,095, and if the forecast for June is 15,000 units will be correct, then we can expect that the company will deliver about 30,000 made in China Model 3s.

The Chinese market continues to recover from the aftermath of Covid-19 and shows a strong interest in Tesla’s cars. Thanks to the tireless work of the Tesla China team, many Chinese consumers have become happy owners of an electric car from a California automaker.

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