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Tesla Giga Berlin Applies For Early Shell Construction

Tesla Giga Berlin Applies For Early Shell Construction

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Tesla is continuing active construction at its Giga Berlin and has now filed another application for approval of the early start of measures for shell parts.

At the moment, the process of approving the project is incomplete, and Tesla builds at its own risk. Now, In addition to earlier construction work, the company wants to build shell parts. If everything goes according to plan, then there is no doubt that Tesla will begin production of Model Y in Giga Berlin earlier than mid-2021. 

On Monday, June 29, the Brandenburg Ministry of the Environment confirmed that Tesla, together with amended documents for a previous application for approval under the Federal Emissions Control Act for the factory, "has submitted another application for approval of the early start of measures (...) for parts of a shell", reports Tagesspiegel.

Source: @gigafactory_4 / Twitter

“The application is being considered. No statements have yet been made at the time of approval,” the ministry said. Early initiation of measures in accordance with the Federal Emission Control Act (§8a) is possible and permissible if nothing speaks of the impossibility of obtaining approval and the investor does so at his own risk.

Tesla recently refined its factory plan, as detailed planning revealed that some factory buildings would need to be built on piles. The new plan also contains information on the forecast of water consumption at the plant. According to the documents, the volume of water supply and the wastewater was reduced by a third.

“When all the documents are checked and ready, the project will be published. We expect this to happen soon,” the ministry said. A preliminary meeting at the Erkner Town Hall is now scheduled for September, and apparently, the factory may already have a shell at that time.

For the construction of a new Gigafactory, Tesla chose not only Brandenburg but also Germany. "And that is why we are forced to prove that Germany is a good place to invest, where you can invest at a very high rate," said Brandenburg Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke. He stated that Brandenburg bears "great responsibility" for all Germany.

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