Tesla China Releases CyberVault, a Wall Connector in a Safe with Portability

Tesla China Releases CyberVault, a Wall Connector in a Safe with Portability

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Tesla China has released a new product: CyberVault. This is a wall connector that could be portable and is housed in a hard safe to protect your charger.

Tesla introduced CyberVault to the Chinese market. This is a portable wall connector that is securely hidden in a hard box. It is compatible with the entire line of Tesla cars with a maximum charging current of 32A and a maximum power of 7kW. Designed specifically for the Chinese market, the CyberVault charger weighs 13kg and features the Cybertruck design language. The device includes a 6-meter charging cable and supports Scheduled Charging and Scheduled Departure.

Tesla's new product allows for the integration of a protective outer case and charger to meet consumer demand for safety, affordability, aesthetics, and durability. The CyberVault case has a stunning, stylish look. Meanwhile, it will shield your wall connector from external influences. According to a video posted to Twitter, the case will protect it from dust, water, and impact from heavy objects. In addition, CyberVault is locked with a combination lock, which, combined with other security measures, will prevent intruders from getting inside.

Most Tesla owners who own a house with a garage or who always charge at public charging stations are unable to truly appreciate the usefulness of the new product. However, there are many owners who live in houses that only have a driveway and no garage, and want or/and need to charge at home. In such cases, installing the charger outdoors is the only solution. However, such owners are not immune from vandalism. In this case, CyberVault can be a great solution.

It is worth noting that users can take the charger out of the box and use it as a portable charger after purchasing a dedicated 8A adapter, according to Tesla. It will be especially convenient for traveling.

The CyberVault installation service package costs 5,500 yuan ($800) and includes the device itself and installation services. A special 8A adapter costs 499 yuan ($72) and provides about 1.8 kW of charging power when used with CyberVault.

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