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Tesla Supporters Prove The Strength Of Community During Pandemic, Makes Face Masks


Tesla supporters are proving the strength of the electric car community during the ongoing C-19 pandemic, with some aftermarket accessory-makers pitching in to help make medical supplies like face masks for frontliners currently battling to control the spread of the coronavirus. 

In a recent tweet, TesBros (@teslabros), which makes some of the most popular chrome delete kits for the Model 3, revealed that they have been working on the production of face masks for hospitals across the United States. The masks, which are partly 3D printed, will be produced with the company’s popular Tesla accessories. 

“Just finished doing a small run of @josefprusa face shield mask. We plan on producing 1000s of these for hospitals around the US! Supply Tesla accessories by day, shields by night!” the TesBros team wrote. 

Granted, the accessory-maker can only produce thousands of the 3D-printed face masks for hospitals, but even such numbers go a long way towards helping the country’s medical infrastructure in these trying times. C19 cases in the United States have continued to rise, with hospitals in states such as New York now starting to get overwhelmed by the growing number of coronavirus cases. 

At times like these, every single item that can boost the country’s medical supply is vital. This means that even additional supplies from small businesses like TesBros could be the difference-maker for doctors and nurses and their need to be properly equipped to care for and treat patients afflicted by the C19 virus. 

This is not the first time that the Tesla community has decided to contribute towards causes that help other people. During the Australia wildfires, for example, Tesla owners opted to pitch in to raise money for those affected by the natural disaster. Tesla owners have also gotten into the habit of donating referral prizes such as the Model S for Kids to children’s hospitals. 

The Tesla community is comprised of people from all walks of life, from young enthusiasts dreaming of owning an electric car someday to veterans to Wall Street traders and small business owners. Tesla community members may be different, but they generally share the same vision--and most of the time, it seems, the same concern to do what is right when the need arises. 

Featured Image Credit: @teslabros/Twitter

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