Tesla Confirms Cybertruck Production Should Begin in 2021 in Message to Order-Holder

Tesla Confirms Cybertruck Production Should Begin in 2021 in Message to Order-Holder

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Tesla confirms that the production of Cybertruck should begin in 2021 in a letter to order holders. This means that the construction progress of Giga Texas is going according to plan and the installation and preparation of equipment for the production of the electric pickup truck could begin there soon.

An order-holder of Cybertruck, @peytonlschaefer/Twitter, tweeted that Tesla's team contacted him. In the letter, the company confirmed earlier statements by its CEO Elon Musk that production of the Cybertruck will begin in late 2021. The message says:

"Hello from Tesla! Congratulations on taking the first step to becoming a Tesla Owner! The Cybertruck will start production in late 2021 and will be an exciting time for everyone. We have exciting news! We opened a new location in Fort Myers! Since the Cybertruck has yet to be released, we would like to extend an invitation to test drive a Model that is currently available. We have the Model 3 and Y available for test driving."

According to information leaked from Tesla at the end of March, the company is currently focused on building the pilot production line at the Fremont factory. In addition, the company is planning all the details of how the line will operate at Giga Texas, which will save several months of time before production starts. The point is that the team must learn how to properly operate the equipment and acquire the necessary knowledge about the production process. Typically, such training can take from several weeks to months, however Tesla will do it even before the production equipment is installed at Giga Texas. In addition, the team currently undergoing training was asked to arrive in Texas in June to begin work.

The successful launch of Cybertruck production is the next link for Tesla's growth. That is why even the limited start of its production in 2021 will be a big victory.

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