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Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Permission to Install Machines & Equipment for EV Final Assembly

Tesla Giga Berlin Receives Permission to Install Machines & Equipment for EV Final Assembly

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The state environmental agency has given Tesla another preliminary permit to build a car factory near Berlin. This will allow the manufacturer to install machines for the final assembly of electric vehicles, bringing the company even closer to starting production.

The state environmental agency said it has given Tesla a permit that allows machines to be installed for the final assembly of electric vehicles. These machines are purposed for, among other uses, the assembly and installation of doors, seats, windshields, and parts of the cab of cars. In addition, Tesla can now also install robots to assemble the chassis, motors, and battery on the factory floor. This prior authorization is the tenth prior permission granted by the State Environmental Agency to Tesla.

At this point, the American manufacturer has also submitted a request for another prior permission. Tesla wants to check if the factory paint shop and press shop are in functional order. The department is currently reviewing the application.

Thanks to the preliminary permissions, the company has already been able to build most of the plant, install some of the equipment, and also test its functionality.

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