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Tesla Expands Giga New York by Hiring Autopilot & Full Self-Driving (FSD) Team

Tesla Expands Giga New York by Hiring Autopilot & Full Self-Driving (FSD) Team

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Tesla continues to fulfill its obligations to New York State by hiring more employees and investing more than the agreement stipulates. Now more than 250 new jobs are filled with specialists who support training Tesla's autonomous vehicle and full self-driving (FSD) capabilities.

Like all manufacturers, Tesla was hit by the pandemic, which affected all of its business operations. This resulted in a temporary delay in the company's ability to achieve expected employment levels at Gigafactory New York (GFNY) during the reporting period ending April 30, 2021. The situation is complicated by the fact that New York State arbitrarily has a cap on direct sales locations for Tesla, which has negatively affected the company's ability to hire hundreds of positions and construct many more facilities throughout the state.

Despite these obstacles, Tesla is steadily developing Giga New York. At the moment, the company continues to expand its portfolio of Power Electronics, vehicle charging equipment manufacturing, and it also added a new department. Tesla recently opened more than 250 new jobs to support training Tesla’s autonomous vehicle and FSD, as reported in a letter to the President & CEO of Empire State Development and the President of Fort Schuyler Management Corporation.

Tesla has already met several of its statewide employment and cumulative investment commitments under the current Agreement. The company has increased the number of employees to support the expanding work on Power Electronics, vehicle charging equipment, and Solar Roof. This brings Tesla's current headcount in New York State to 1,665, including 1,058 at GFNY in Buffalo. The company also significantly exceeded its commitments, accumulating cumulative investment and spending nearly $824 million.

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