Tesla Giga Shanghai Deliveries in May Grow by 29% MoM

Tesla Giga Shanghai Deliveries in May Grow by 29% MoM

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Tesla was able to significantly improve deliveries from its China factory in May compared to the previous month. Giga Shanghai increased their number by 29%, to 33,463 units.

China is one of the key markets for Tesla and the manufacturer continues to hold a commanding position there. According to the industry association CPCA (China Passenger Car Association), the company delivered 33,463 Chinese-made vehicles to customers. This corresponds to an increase of about 29% over the previous month. In April, Giga Shanghai was temporarily stopped for maintenance, which led to a decrease in the number of deliveries. It, in turn, became a cause for concern for investors who were worried about whether Tesla would be able to maintain its position in the important Chinese market. These concerns were also spread by a number of misleading articles.

Nevertheless, the data indicate that Tesla continues to work actively. The company registered 21,936 vehicles in China in May. Thus, Tesla, selling only two car models, becomes the third best-selling electric vehicle brand in the country. SAIC-GM-Wuling is in first place with 33,175 registrations, and BYD is in the second with 31,908 registrations.

In addition, Tesla has delivered 11,527 Model 3 and Y to various countries around the world. Thus, the company once again becomes the leader in the export of electric vehicles. In second place is SAIC Motor with 2,430 units. Jianghuai Motor is in third place with 549 units.

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