Tesla Probably Made a Tutorial Video on Using Powerwall as Mobile Power Station After Sending Batch to Ukraine

Tesla Probably Made a Tutorial Video on Using Powerwall as Mobile Power Station After Sending Batch to Ukraine

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Tesla probably created a tutorial video on how to set up and use the Powerwall as a mobile power station. The video came after the Tesla and SpaceX teams sent a batch of this equipment to Ukraine to ensure uninterrupted internet, which became a problem during the war.

On March 8, MobilePowerwall/YouTube posted a video demonstrating how to unpack, connect, set up, and use Powerwall as a mobile power station. Tesla has not officially stated that this video belongs to them, but it is likely it was recorded by the company's employees or someone who works with the manufacturer. The video is only available via a link and is not publicly available, but has been published by several news outlets in the US. Although the origin of the video remains unknown, it is sure to be extremely useful.

After Russia's aggressive invasion of the territory of the sovereign state of Ukraine, the occupying forces continue to commit atrocities, destroying infrastructure, communication towers, and killing civilians. The whole world has united to support the Ukrainians and help them survive. Elon Musk's companies, Tesla and SpaceX, continue to provide as much assistance as possible. They have taken a number of measures, including the supply of SpaceX Starlink, Powerwall, and, probably, solar panels that will power them if there is no access to electricity.

The video shows how you can deploy a mobile power station in minutes without actually taking the equipment out of the box. To do this, you need to get the cables and connect them together in the appropriate order. The video also demonstrates how solar panels can be easily connected to the Powerwall, which will charge the battery, so you can get an independent power source even in the field.

In a previously published internal email, Tesla wrote:

*Tesla teamed up with SpaceX to provide coverage expansion for its Starlink services to help provide an alternative internet infrastructure.

*Volunteers across the Giga Berlin and Germany Service team responded quickly on Sunday to test, configure, pack and ship several hundred Starlink units which have already been gratefully received by Ukraine’s Digital Transformation Minister. In true Tesla fashion, the solution has been put together in less than 3 days.

*On top of this the Energy team supplemented the Starlink roll out with a fleet Powerwalls. The system included PV inverters given by our Certified installer network, pre-made DC cables given by one of our Supercharger Installation Partners and AC cables made out of scrap from Giga Berlin. All of it assembled by a team of (40+) volunteers from across the EMEA organization, committed to doing what they can to support.

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