Tesla Cuts Model Y & 3 Wait Times in China to as Low as 1 Week, Showcasing Giga Shanghai Production Prowess

Tesla Cuts Model Y & 3 Wait Times in China to as Low as 1 Week, Showcasing Giga Shanghai Production Prowess

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Tesla has reduced the delivery time for Model Y and Model 3 in China to a minimum of one week. This is a stunning demonstration of the result of the increase in production capacity of Giga Shanghai due to modernization.

On September 16, Tesla changed the estimated delivery times for all Model 3 and Model Y models in China. Now, the minimum waiting period is one week, according to the information on the manufacturer's website. Obviously, the delivery time will directly depend on the location of the client. The closer its location is to Shanghai, the faster the delivery will be received.

The base Tesla Model 3 will ship in 1-8 weeks, starting at CNY 279,900 yuan ($39,927). The Performance version is expected to ship in 1-10 weeks, starting at CNY 367,900 ($52,588). The base Tesla Model Y, starting at CNY 316,900 ($45,298) will be delivered within 1-4 weeks. The Long Range and Performance versions, at a cost of CNY 394,900 ($56,447) and CNY 417,900 ($59,735) respectively, will be delivered within 1-10 weeks.

This reduction in the wait period directly depends on two factors. Firstly, Giga Shanghai has greatly increased its production capacity after the modernization and can now produce a whopping 90,000 (approx.) vehicles per month. This, in turn, accelerated the execution of orders and the delivery of cars to customers. Another important factor is that in the last month of each quarter, the Chinese factory only produces for the local market, so it is able to deliver vehicles much faster.

The increase in the production capacity of Giga Shanghai is also evidenced by the fact that Tesla encouraged customers to pick up their cars as soon as possible. Those who accept delivery between Sept. 16 and Sept. 30 can receive an insurance subsidy of 8,000 yuan ($1,145) if they choose to purchase insurance from Tesla stores. Obviously, the company has already produced the cars and is ready to sell them as soon as possible.

According to unofficial figures, Tesla expects to sell more than 100,000 cars manufactured at Giga Shanghai in September. This will be an absolute record for Tesla and for the factory throughout the industry. At the moment, no automaker in the world can produce such a high number of cars in one month at one plant.

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