Tesla Cuts Cost of Infotainment System Upgrade to $1,500 for Model S & Model X

Tesla Cuts Cost of Infotainment System Upgrade to $1,500 for Model S & Model X

In 2020, Tesla began offering owners of Model S and Model X--which were built in March 2018 or earlier--the option to upgrade Infotainment systems in their vehicles for $2,500. This was necessary because the company changed the media units inside its cars to more powerful ones, and some new updates offered functions that needed the new equipment. Tesla has now reduced the cost of the MCU2 by $1,000, making the purchase more affordable.

In March 2020, Tesla released an update for owners of Model S and Model X built in March 2018 or earlier. By purchasing it, owners gained access to the features of the new version of the Infotainment system, including streaming YouTube, Netflix, Hulu and Twitch via Tesla Theater, as well as Tesla Arcade games. Also, after purchasing the Infotainment Upgrade, the vehicle's touchscreen becomes more responsive and smoother, and images and web pages appear more quickly.

The upgrade cost was $2,500, but now the price is down 40% to $1,500, as the company announced on its website.

"Owners of compatible vehicles can schedule an appointment through the Tesla app for purchase and installation. This upgrade is available for $1,500 plus applicable tax, including installation."

This price cut makes the purchase more affordable for virtually any Tesla owner, and gives access to the vehicle's full infotainment system. This offer is unique in the automotive industry. Usually, cars that have been manufactured with a specific set of hardware and functions do not get access to new upgrades from the manufacturer. But, in Tesla's case, the company tries to meet the needs of all its customers, regardless of what year their car was released.

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