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Tesla Giga Texas Construction Jumps Ahead as Giga Press Parts Arrive

Tesla Giga Texas Construction Jumps Ahead as Giga Press Parts Arrive

Construction of Giga Texas is accelerating, and production of Model Y here may begin soon. The production building for the electric SUVs has already taken shape, the foundations for the giant casting machines have already been poured, and the first Giga Press parts have already arrived on site.

Giga Texas will become the parental home not only for the legendary Cybertruck and the revolutionary Semi, but also for Model Y, which is gaining more and more popularity. Until recently, we did not know in which part of the building the Model Y production would be located, but the progress of construction gave us a hint.

In just a few days, in the northeastern part of the building, the sites where the Giga Presses will be located has became noticeable. At the time being, the sites have been prepared for only three machines. In addition to the almost completely prepared areas, containers with parts for the Giga Press assembly were spotted next to them.

Source: Jeff Roberts/YouTube

The fact that parts for assembling the Giga Presses appeared on the site indicates that Tesla has an aggressive plan to start production. Earlier, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that Model Y will be the first car to be produced at Giga Texas, and the appearance of boxes from IDRA here means that the company has begun active preparations for production.

Although most of the factory building has yet to be built at this point, this is not a limiting factor. It is likely that Tesla can first construct that part of the building in which Model Y will be produced. It should also be borne in mind that, after assembling the Giga Presses, the team will need from several weeks to months to set up its work, and start full-fledged work. Therefore, such an early installation of the machines is critical.

The giant machines are manufactured by IDRA, which is one of the ten most important strategic suppliers of Tesla. The Giga Press' purpose is to “reduce build time, operation costs, costs of manufacturing, factory footprint, factory operating costs, tooling costs, and quantity of equipment.” Tesla notes that it will reduce the number of casting machines required to build a vehicle frame, and that it could even build “a complete or substantially complete” frame itself. This aligns with Musk's plan to make full-size cars as easily as toy cars.

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