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Tesla Is Hiring A Mobile App Developer for its Feature-Rich Cybertruck


Tesla may be looking for mobile developers to make an app for its feature-rich Cybertruck. The EV automaker’s all-electric pickup truck seems to be filled with so many features that it will need its own dedicated app. So far, the other vehicles in the next-gen car company’s fleet—including the Models S, 3, and X—all use the Tesla app.

News of Tesla hiring mobile app developers for the CYBRTRK broke when u/sebastt1an published a post on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit about the position. He explained that a Tesla recruiter had contacted him for the job. Unfortunately, u/sebastt1an had to turn down the opportunity to work with Tesla on the Cybertruck, so he decided to share the information via Reddit instead to see if anyone else would be interested in the position.

According to the snippet of the email shared from the Tesla recruiter, the job could be an excellent opportunity for a software app developer. It could lead to a long term consultancy role at Tesla if the person hired does well.

“I am working directly with Tesla, Inc. to hire some consulting mobile developers to work on applications related to their [Cybertruck] product line. If interested, please reply with an updated resume and a good time when we can chat briefly. This role is a long term consultancy and open to c2c or w2 candidates. Look forward to your reply either way,” wrote the Tesla recruiter to u/sebastt1an via an email.


Credit: u/sebastt1an/Reddit

Later, u/sebastt1an updated his post after receiving a lot of emails asking about the position at Tesla. He decided to share some basic info via the Reddit post to weed out the people interested.

Tesla hiring software engineers specifically for the CYBRTRK is significant because none of its other all-electric vehicles have their own dedicated apps yet. Even the upcoming Model Y will likely be using the main Tesla app.  

The Cybertruck may need its own app because it will be feature-rich. For example, its app could be used to control its adaptive suspension and its motorized Tonneau cover. The Tesla Cybertruck will also have some sick overlanding accessories which could likely be accessed through a dedicated app, including its very own solar panels and Camper Mode accessories.

In the 2019.40.50 Update, Tesla released Camp Mode, which was reminiscent of Camper Mode in the Cybertruck. Camp Mode allows Tesla owners to stay inside their vehicles for extended periods. They can literally camp out in their cars if they wanted to with the feature.


 Credit: Tesla

On the Cybertruck, Camp Mode will probably used to its fullest potential. Tesla has said that Camper Mode accessories will be available for sale for the CYBRTRK. Based on pictures of the accessories it could include a bed tent, and even a small outdoor kitchen. Combined with the all-electric pickup truck’s solar panels, Camper Mode could be the best accessory for people who stay out a lot whether it’s camping or just traveling often.

Camper Mode, solar panels, adaptive suspension, and a mobile Tonneau cover are only some of the features that have been announced or revealed by Tesla. There may be more in the future which Tesla may have predicted, which could be why the EV automaker has decided to create a dedicated app just for the Cybertruck.

Featured Image Credit: Tesla

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