Tesla Cybertruck Attracts Crowds of Fans Eager to Catch Glimpse of The Steel Beast

Tesla Cybertruck Attracts Crowds of Fans Eager to Catch Glimpse of The Steel Beast

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Tesla Cybertruck is a truly iconic car, having attracted the attention of millions of people even before its production began. The popularity of the electric pickup truck from one of the most famous companies in the world continues to grow, and crowds of interested fans in New York came to see it.

Last week, Tesla CEO Elon Musk visited New York to host Saturday Night Live. His transformation into several characters made hundreds of thousands of spectators laugh heartily. However, Musk wasn't the only celebrity to visit New York. The head of Tesla took Cybertruck with him, which was demonstrated in the Tesla showroom. Then, at night, the Steel Beast prowled the lively streets of the Big Apple, transferring all its inhabitants into the plot of the Cyberpunk 2077 movie.

Cybertruck was in the Tesla showroom located at 860 Washington Street in Manhattan. And although the information that the electric pickup would be there was not announced to the general public, crowds of fans still found out about it and came to check it out. @jwarren1010/Twitter shared a video from the Tesla showroom showing a long line of people wanting to see the Steel Beast. In this video, you can see about 80 people, but this is only part of the entire queue.

Cybertruck has already received hundreds of thousands of pre-orders and the number continues to grow. It is currently the most coveted car in the world and has the most pre-orders ever, so it's no surprise that Cybertruck's emergence is getting so much attention.

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