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Tesla Cybertruck’s Brilliance As A Commercial Vehicle Highlighted In Custom Visualizer


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The Tesla Cybertruck's potential as a commercial vehicle was highlighted in 3D Visualizer Tool made by those in the Cybertruck Owners Club. Multiple commercial brands have already made their mark on Tesla's blank canvas, including Crunch and Denny's.

The Cybertruck Visualizer allows users to adjust the 3D depiction of Tesla's pickup, like its suspension height, window tint levels, and its motorized tonneau cover. It presents the Cybertruck as it truly is: a blank canvas for everyone to play with and experiment with as they please.

According to the host of Ride The Lightning Podcast Ryan McCafferey, Franz Von Holzhausen--Tesla's chief auto designer-- stated that the Cybertruck won't have any badges, not even Tesla's famous "T" logo. Once McCafferey announced the fun fact, some in the Tesla community pointed out that the CYBRTRK wouldn't need a logo because it's so unique. 

The fact that people can make the Cybertruck their own will make it even more unique. From a commercial standpoint, the Cybertruck's ability to draw attention will be valuable. 

Besides its chameleon-like attribute, the Cybertruck makes a good commercial vehicle for functional reasons as well. For instance, its robust and durable exterior makes it relatively low maintenance, a top priority with light commercial vehicles. 

Elon Musk also teased a Plaid Cybertruck which will undoubtedly last much longer than most vehicles--ICE, EV, or otherwise. The Plaid series could be built with Tesla's million-mile battery, which is less prone to degradation. 

Along with the million-mile battery comes the possibility that the Cybertruck could be Tesla's first vehicle-to-grid (V2G) product. There are various ways a business could use V2G tech, such as an additional source of income. Some industries may also find a vehicle with an outlet quite useful, like those related to construction. 

With the Cybertruck, Tesla will be entering a different sphere in the automotive industry becuase it can be used as a light commercial vehicle (LCV). The LCV market appears to be more open to electrification than the consumer market. 

A 2019 study on the global light commercial vehicle market forecasted that electric light commercial vehicles (eLCVs) would be favored as emission regulations, rising oil prices, and government incentives for EVs intensify. The global pandemic has resulted in oil prices decreasing, but have also made countries genuinely consider the benefits of using renewable energy and tech, including EVs. So the spread of the virus might not have stopped the 2019's prediction. 

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