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How Tesla's Software Ecosystem Is A Perfect Fit For Today's Tech-Centric Drivers

by Ma. Claribelle Deveza May 25, 2020


Featured Image Credit: Andres GE

Tesla's software ecosystem is a perfect fit for today's tech-centric drivers. The priorities of car buyers today are vastly different to those from previous years. Take, for one, modern car buyer's focus on a vehicle's tech features. 

The present is defined by constant connectivity, and today, car buyers are likely to consider how much tech a vehicle has when considering their purchase. Unfortunately, most traditional automakers don't really fit into these molds, as even new vehicles today include tech that are, simply put, out of date. This is seen across all segments, from entry-level cars to premium vehicles. 

One thing that truly sticks out when one steps into a Tesla is the impression that the vehicle itself is a tech device, much like a giant computer that just happens to be rolling on wheels. This is something that's not present in vehicles from traditional carmakers, as their software is usually limited, or at least not developed by a team that has closely worked with groups involved in the cars' hardware.


Credit: Tesla

The results of this usually involve vehicles with poor interface and clunky software, reminiscent of the first Android tablets with resistive touchscreens that were released in the wake of the first iPad. Such is not the case with Tesla, as the electric car maker's software is developed in-house, allowing the company to create a system that's custom-designed for its vehicles.

So far, it appears that Tesla is the only carmaker today that prioritizes how its tech is developed, released to its fleet, and is used by its vehicle owners. This gives the company's EVs a truly unique selling point, as they are, at least for now, the only vehicles that could be categorized as tech devices on wheels. Just like any other tech device, they are constantly connected, they are user-friendly, and they are ever-evolving. 

What's pretty fascinating is the fact that this is likely where the market is heading. This is probably the reason why Ford had to try so hard to hammer down the tech-centric parts of the Mustang Mach-E, and why Volvo decided to partner with Google for the in-car software of the Polestar 2. The auto sector will be focused on tech. It's only a matter of time. 


Credit: Tesmanian

Fortunately for Tesla, the company can tap into the tech sector's talent pool now. And it shows. The company's Careers Page is filled with positions that are more Silicon Valley than Detroit, and even independent developers are looking to Teslas as the next frontier. A good example of this is the Watch App for Tesla developed by a Model 3 owner Kim Hansen, which was created based on the experiences of Tesla owners like himself.

In a message to Tesmanian, Hansen noted that recent updates to Watch App for Tesla had some features inspired by requests from other Tesla owners. Among these is Homelink integration, which is incrediblely useful for owners of Model S and Model X, as well as retrofitted Model 3 and Model Y vehicles. The app also received a keyless driving feature in a recent update, which would make the Tesla ownership experience more convenient. 

In-vehicle software and tech-centric cars could be the norm in the future. Connected vehicles will only get more common with time. Teslas may be the only computers on wheels for now, but it may not be too long before other carmakers release vehicles that are built around tech as well. By this time, however, Tesla will likely have a commanding lead, and its vehicles' platform will likely be supported by a community that is willing to refine the ownership experience even more. 

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