Tesla Cybertruck’s Potential Demand In China Rises As Government Lifts Pickup Truck Ban In Cities


The Tesla Cybertruck’s potential demand in China may rise after the national government lifts a ban that keeps pickup trucks outside cities. Multiple major cities in China have banned pickup trucks from entering densely-populated urban areas to prevent air pollution. However, China’s national government may lift the pickup ban in all major cities soon.

According to a source close to the matter, China’s national government may allow pickup trucks on city roads. Tesla Cybertruck sales could benefit from the ban’s lift. The American EV automaker’s all-electric pickup truck would be a good compromise between consumers’ wants and the needs of the country's cities. 

On July 1, 2019, most cities in coastal China adopted new State 6 vehicle emissions rules, which are similar to Euro 6 rules. As a result, many domestic Chinese pickup makers changed their trucks’ design to fit China’s emissions regulations.  

As a zero-emissions pickup, the Cybertruck quenches truck lovers need for a heavy-duty commercial vehicle that follows China’s State 6 rules. Even when the ban on pickup trucks lifts in all or most major cities, emissions rules must still be met, and local governments would likely still be concerned about the environmental impact of pickup trucks on their roads.

Pickup truck lovers who live in major Chinese cities have had to keep their passion at bay due to the ban. According to Auto News, pickup trucks are categorized as commercial vehicles in China and are therefore not allowed in cities. Major city governments banned pickups in urban areas to prevent traffic congestion and air pollution because trucks are usually equipped with diesel engines.

However, the demand for gasoline-powered pickups has increased in recent years, mainly because commercial trucks in China are increasingly being used to transport people rather than goods. In 2019, gasoline pickup sales increased by 32% up to 68,000 compared to diesel pickups sales, which decreased by 13% down to 160,000, reported the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

Given the increased demand for gasoline pickups last year, it’s feasible to theorize that trucks have a strong consumer base in China. And the shift in demand from diesel and gasoline-powered pickup in the Chinese market reveals that consumers are open to switching to cleaner sources of energy to keep their trucks running. So it would probably be reasonable to say that the Tesla Cybertruck would get a good piece of the pickup truck pie in China, especially when the ban lifts.

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