Tesla Model 3 Owner Creates Cool, Custom DIY HUD Solution

Tesla Model 3 Owner Creates Cool, Custom DIY HUD Solution

A Tesla owner recently shared a DIY solution for a Model 3 Heads-Up-Display (HUD) system. The concept is still very much in development, but based on the Tesla owner’s statements, it appears that the DIY HUD might prove to be a popular mod among Model 3 and Model Y owners.

Commenting on the DIY HUD on the r/TeslaMotors subreddit, Josh Wardwell, the Model 3 owner behind the solution, explained that the system took about a year’s worth of work. The Model 3 DIY HUD is also wireless except for USB power. But that’s not all: the display could also be placed anywhere on the vehicle, since the transmitter of the unit is located behind the rear console.

This particular feature would likely make the DIY Model 3 HUD into a true heads-up display solution. In a demo of the system posted on YouTube, Wardwell’s aftermarket mod could be seen lodged in the air vent behind the Model 3’s steering wheel. This made the HUD appear and function more like an in-dash display. But if the unit could be moved, it could be positioned in a way where its images are displayed or reflected on the windshield itself, as noted by some members of the Tesla community.


For now, Wardwell mentioned that the DIY HUD on his Tesla Model 3 is custom programmed with a handful of signals. In his demo of the device on YouTube, for example, the unit was displaying battery power and motor torque when the vehicle was moving, and battery temperature and region when the car was stopped. The Model 3 owner noted that the HUD could be programmed to show thousands of signals, such as the speed of the vehicle.

The Model 3 DIY HUD has so far received a large amount of praise among electric car enthusiasts and fellow Tesla owners online. Responding to an inquiry about whether he is planning on rolling out the device as an aftermarket product that can be configured through a mobile app, Wardwell stated that such is actually his plan. Such an idea may not be too farfetched either, as noted by Tesla aftermarket store Abstract Ocean has already taken an interest in the device, as indicated by the firm in a comment on the Model 3 owner’s demo on YouTube. 

Featured Image Credit: Josh Wardell/YouTube

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