Tesla CyberTruck Fan Made SpaceX Version Matte Black Mars Rover

Tesla CyberTruck Fan Made SpaceX Version Matte Black Mars Rover

In the next few years, SpaceX plans to develop a full-fledged system of autonomous life support, designed taking into account Martian conditions. We are talking about equipment that extracts resources and energy, filtration technologies, devices for the production of breathable air.

All of this, Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, plans to deliver to Mars with the first cargo shuttles as early as 2022 with the help of a Starship rocket of its own production. According to the plan, Musk finances its construction with the money received from satellite launches Starlink and cargo/astronauts deliveries to the ISS.

Source: SpaceX

Colonization of Mars will take place "waves." The first colonists will have to go to the red planet already in 2024. Their goal is to deploy a base on the surface of Mars and prepare a springboard for future settlers. Those, in turn, will continue to expand the colony and wait for the next arrivals, and so on. Of course, these terms can be called conditional - the goal is too ambitious.

After thousands of years of development, a person already knows that in order to quickly and efficiently move on the surface, you can use transport. And what, if not Cybertruck, is best suited for this? Tesla, who according to Musk wants to become a leader in apocalypse technology, may well adapt their Cyburtruck to move across the surface of the red planet.

@Pslavi / Twitter, CGI Artist and Aircraft Avionics Engineer, created his version of the 6-wheeled Cybertruck for Mars.

This Cybertruck for Mars used six large flexible wheels with rigid inner frames to prevent bending. Thin plates are attached to the frame, which, according to the idea, should improve patency on the surface of the red planet.

Cybertruck is equipped with expandable solar panels, with which it can be charged. Given that you are unlikely to find a gas station on Mars, and we don’t know anything about what natural resources are in the bowels of the planet, an electric car is an perfect vehicle.

Of course, in bed we can find a satellite communications antenna, which will probably be provided by StarLinks, which will be located in the orbit of Mars.

@Pslavi also gave us the opportunity to look at Cybertruck for Mars, which is located at the Tesla charging station on Earth.

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