Tesla Cybertruck Spotted in the Wild Near Fremont Factory


Tesla’s recently-unveiled Cybertruck was spotted in the wild near the Fremont Factory. This may be one of the first sightings of Tesla’s all-electric pickup conducting real-world testing.

The Cybertruck was spotted by Twitter user @AppleJones40. He took a video of the CYBRTRK driving past him and shared it via Twitter. Based on the footage, another Tesla vehicle—a Model X—was trailing behind the all-electric pickup. Tesla-enthusiast @AndreiBulu saw the video and recognized the street where the Cybertruck was spotted. According to him, the video was taken 1/8 miles away from Tesla’s Fremont factory in California.

Cybertruck deliveries are scheduled for late 2021, and based on @AppleJones40’s video, Tesla isn’t wasting any time to meet that date. The all-electric car maker and Elon Musk have been known to make late deliveries, but lately, Tesla has been ahead of schedule on most of its projects.

For instance, Gigafactory 3 in China was constructed within 10 months, nearly 2 months ahead of schedule. The Shanghai factory is reportedly already mass-producing the Made-in-China Model 3 as it waits for its final permits to sell the all-electric vehicle. Model Y production seems to be ahead of schedule, as well. Tesla recently sent word to its suppliers in Taiwan to prepare Model Y parts, 6 months ahead of schedule.


Credit: @AppleJones40/Twitter

Despite its projects concerning Models 3 and Y, Tesla doesn’t seem to be letting the ball drop with the Cybertruck. The next-gen car maker appears to have found its groove and is working hard to set its past mistakes right. 

Cybertruck reservations just hit 250K, according to Elon Musk. After its unveiling, many people—even Tesla-enthusiasts—were skeptical of the all-electric pickup truck. Its origami-like design caused most of the skepticism. However, since the unveiling, the Cybertruck seems to have found its own niche market. Only time will tell how successful the Cybertruck will be, and a big part of that may be how well Tesla handles its manufacturing process and deliveries.

Featured Image Credit: @AppleJones40/Twitter 

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