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Tesla Cybertruck Terafactory In Austin Will Happen Earlier Than Most People Expect

Tesla Cybertruck Terafactory In Austin Will Happen Earlier Than Most People Expect

Recent evidence indicates that Tesla has chosen Austin, Texas, as the site for its next Terafactory.

At the moment, there is no information that officially confirmed this, but people familiar with the matter said that Tesla had already bought a piece of land in Austin area. A number of media sources, citing their sources, claim that Tesla CEO Elon Musk instructed a team of engineers at Gigafactory Nevada to start the process for the new plant.

Source: sentinel-hub / Thanks to @SteveHamel16

Torque News/YouTube also reports some of they observations. According to channel, Tesla managers and possibly Musk have visited particular industrial zone in Austin, TX, called RCR Taylor Logistics Park outside of Hutto, TX and locals say they see some infrastructure being already built there. Torque says it looks like they are building a huge logistics park to handle train loading as well at the RCR Taylor Logistics Park and the Phase 1 opening is Fall 2020.

Tesla announced its search for factory back in March. Tesla's CEO then tweeted that the company was looking for a location for the Cybertruck factory in the central USA.

But, before that, the whole community was already actively discussing the likelihood that the next Tesla factory would be in Texas, since on February 5, Musk arranged a pool in which he tried to find out how the public would react to the next location of Gigafactory in Texas. As far as we all know the CEO of Tesla does nothing for nothing and for all his actions there are reasons.

Already on February 25, Musk tweeted a photo from Austin. This message served as a good hint that Austin is in a special status for him.

Amber Gunst, CEO of the Austin Technology Council said while Musk can be “cryptic at times” the tweet could mean “something on the horizon.” Musk also mentioned Austin in a tweet earlier in the week, writing that company is seeking chip designers in Austin.

Torque News, citing a user Reddit who lives in the area, says that Tesla has probably been visiting this site since the beginning of 2020 and wanted to make some progress before making an official announcement.

Since at the moment, according to people familiar with the matter, it is known that Tesla has already purchased the site, all the activity of the Mask on Twitter takes on meaning. Also, observations of local residents show that the automaker has already started working on the site.

According to some reports, Tesla plans to put into operation Phase 1 of the plant by the end of this year. At the beginning, the plant will produce Model Y, while further construction will proceed. And the production of Cybertrucks should begin by the end of next year.

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