Tesla Has Highest Consumer Loyalty vs Other Car Brands in Norway

Tesla Has Highest Consumer Loyalty vs Other Car Brands in Norway

For several years now, car dealers in Norway have been leading the industry when it comes to Norwegian customer satisfaction. This year, customer satisfaction for all car dealers participating in the Norwegian Customer Barometer survey falls, with the exception of Tesla.

According to Dagens Nlringsliv, this year Tesla is the only automaker to receive more customer satisfaction than the previous year.

The Norwegian Customer Barometer is a research project at the Norwegian BI Business School, which annually measures satisfaction and loyalty among Norwegian consumers. Customers have the opportunity to express their opinion about the companies from which they buy goods and services.

The survey was conducted by Barcode Intelligence and Norstat Norway in collaboration with the Norwegian School of Management BI. On behalf of the Norwegian Customer Barometer, Norstat asked 6320 consumers how satisfied they are with the companies in which they are regular customers. The data collection period was from January to March 2020.

Tesla began shipping Model 3 to Norway last March. Immediately a new record was set for registering one model per month, crazy 5315 units. In total, about 15,500 new Model 3s were registered last year.

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Tesla is the only car brand that does not use advertising, so satisfied customers are very important to them. “The fact that our customers are satisfied with our products and services is what drives our sales, so we are happy with this progress,” says Even Sandvold Roland, Information Manager at Tesla Norway.

This year, Tesla was ahead of Toyota and, according to the data, has the most loyal car buyers of all the brands present in the country. The car dealership with the least loyal customers is Nissan.

The Nissan Leaf was a very popular car in Norway, but when competitors come to the country with their electric cars, it is left behind. Nissan won the jackpot, being in the right place at the right time, it had affordable cars when no one had it. That's why they got so big, says Pål Silseth, manager of the Norwegian Customer Barometer.

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