Tesla CyberTruck Fits Perfectly For Public Service Duty

Tesla CyberTruck Fits Perfectly For Public Service Duty

Tesla Cybertruck, which has impressive features, is perhaps the most versatile vehicle. Strong, roomy, safe, fast and beautiful, he has already conquered many hearts and minds.

Cybertruck is suitable for almost everyone, even white-collar workers, girls or families. It is also the perfect vehicle for the police and for other Public Service Duty.

Lease Fletcher introduced Cybertruck's renders as various Public Service Duty.

Cybertruck towing

All-wheel drive with three motors it can tow up to 14,000 lbs! This means that Cybertruck can even tow trucks of the 3rd class, the weight of which can be from 10,011 to 14,000 lbs: Dodge Ram 3500, Ford F-350, GMC Sierra 3500 and Hummer H1, etc


The coastguard of the Queen of England has been around for almost 200 years. It was created to protect the coast from smugglers, but since then its purpose has shifted, now it saves lives. Cybertruck is most suitable for guarding the coast, its massive wheels and powerful engines easily overcome sand, stones or dirt. In Cybertruck's bed, you can place rescue equipment and tow a water bike.

Royal Mail

At the moment, UK's Royal Mail continues to electrify its fleet, so it is quite realistic that in a few years we will be able to see Cybertruck on this service.


With 100 cubic feet of exterior storage, Cybertruck is able to carry a large amount of baggage if passengers are heading to the airport. Instant acceleration will allow the car to quickly bring customers to their destination. Well, if you get stuck in traffic jam, Cybertruck will not pollute the air with harmful exhaust fumes.

Perhaps Cybertruck is not an ideal option for a taxi, but you must admit, if you have a choice which car to choose in order to get one of the places you need, you will probably give your preference not to the Toyota Prius, but to the beautiful yellow Cybertruck.


Cybertruck is perfect in order to deliver a team of qualified specialists to a person who needs emergency help. Thanks to acceleration and maneuverability, the car will do it quickly, which can gain valuable time in order to save a life.

Due to its cross-country ability, Cybertruck can move even on off roads or in mountainous areas, which undoubtedly is an additional and very important advantage.

Police car

Probably the image of Cybertruck in the service of the police is the most common image that we saw or iimagined for Tesla's pickup truck.

Thick sturdy stainless steel case that didn't deform even from the impact of a heavy sledgehammer. And armored windows protect passengers from even the most unexpected situations. This is exactly what is very important for police cars to ensure the safety of police officers who, for example, are caught in a street shootout.

Acceleration from 0 to 60 mph in an impressive 2.9 seconds is exactly what will be needed during the chase. None of the cars will be able to withstand the speed, performance and reliability of Cybertruck.

That is why, police departments around the world have already expressed their intention to acquire Cybertruck as soon as possible.

All images in the article are provided and belong to Lease Fletcher

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