Tesla Cybertruck Is Leading The All-Electric Pickup Truck Revolution


The Tesla Cybertruck is leading the all-electric pickup truck revolution, despite being relatively "late" to the game. Other startup companies have actively been designing and making prototypes of EV pickup trucks before Tesla. However, it is the Cybertruck that has made the thought of an EV pickup truck mainstream. 

In the EV pickup truck market, Tesla has some real potential contenders. Startups like Rivian and Bollinger have been developing and refining their all-electric pickups a couple of years before Tesla. Rivian and Bollinger show a dedication to and passion for EV pickups that some would claim match Tesla. 

Indeed, Rivian, Nikola, and Bollinger are prominent names in the electric vehicle community. The Cybertruck, however, seems to have breached beyond the community that supports EVs and reached the broader auto industry's consumer market. 

Days after the Tesla CYBRTRK came out; it was the EV truck, seemingly everyone was talking about whether it was during Thanksgiving dinner or at work. And now, it isn't a race of who can release the first EV pickup truck, but the best one, specifically in terms of features and capabilities. 

Tesla Cybertruck Contenders

A video about EV pickup trucks coming to the market was recently released by YouTube channel Two Bit Da Vinci. The host extensively gave info on the Tesla Cybertruck's possible contenders. Besides the Rivian R1T, Nikola Badger, and Bollinger B2, the video also mentions other EV pickup trucks. 

For instance, the F-150 EV and Hummer EV will be released by legacy automakers Ford and GM, respectively. Nissan, in particular, already released a working EV pickup to the market, named the Dongfeng Rich 6 EV. Nissan's EV truck is quite affordable at a little more than $18K and has decent specs. Unfortunately, the Dongfeng Rich 6 EV is only available in China. 

Then, there are the other new auto companies that want to throw their hats in the ring as well. Some other EV pickups still in the concept phase include the Atlis XT, Lordstown's Endurance, the Neuron EV, and Karma's pickup truck. 


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The Leader Of the EV Pickup Truck Revolution

All the EV truck concepts and companies mentioned above have worked hard to introduce viable, beautifully-made all-electric pickups. For instance, an enticing feature for the Bollinger B2 would be its tough exterior and modular design, which allows owners to take out one part of the car without affecting the others. 

Rivian's R1T, Ford's F-150 EV, and probably even GMC's Hummer EV all have certain features and capabilities that would draw prospective truck owners and enthusiasts from their fossil-fueled pickups. For the most part, all the EV pickups on Two Bit da Vinici's list have the characteristics of a traditional pickup truck, just in EV form--including the CYBRTRK. 

However, Tesla's Cybertruck also brings some of the company's unique characteristics to the table. For instance, none of the other pickup EVs have a Tonneau cover that could carry a solar panel for extra range--if needed. The other EV trucks don't have a charging outlet for power tools, gadgets, or whatever else people need to charge nowadays. 

In the end, Tesla's unique take on the modern pickup truck makes the Cybertruck the leader in the EV pickup truck revolution. The company didn't just turn a pickup truck into an all-electric machine. Tesla made the EV truck of the future. 

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